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Water-Based Top Coat for Photo Wood Boards

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The perfect finishing touch for our Wood Photo Boards! 16OZ Water-based top coat – Dries in about 10 minutes! Adds a brilliant luster finish as well and additional UV protection. Applies easily with a foam brush, one included with your first order!


Our wood top coat instructions are as follows:

1. Gently shake the bottle to get any settlement off the bottom of the bottle.
2. Pour a small amount directly onto the wood after the wood has cooled down.
3. Use foam brush (provided) to spread the coating over the entire surface of the wood.
You need to look closely at the edges of the wood to make sure you didn’t miss an area.
4. You may choose to add a second coat for additional sheen and uniformity.
5. Air dry for at least 10 minutes between coats.
6. Wood top coat should be fully dried within 1 hour.
7. Wash foam brush immediately with water after each use.

Product Information

Dimensions: 16oz bottle.