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Vacuum-forming Transfer Film

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$1.75 - $25.00
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Designed exclusively for use with the 3D Multipress, our 3D vacuum-forming film enables you to quickly and easily image dye sub products that have complex curves or that are irregularly-shaped, without any of the wrinkles that you might experience with regular dye-sub transfer paper.

Vacuum film is strongly recomennded for use with the 3D Multipress and treasure boxes, coupe plates, porcelain pendants, and one-piece cell phone covers. It may also be required for certain custom-coated items. However, vacuum film may not be suitable for all substrates, such as fabric purses, mouse pads, puzzles, and cake pan lids. If in doubt, ask your sales rep. Please note, maximum film draw is 1/2" depth.

Select an option:: Vacuum-forming Transfer Film - 8.3" x 11.7" Single Sheet

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