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Sublimation Blank Single Light Rocker Switch Cover

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Customize any room with our single light Rocker Switch cover, made in the USA.
Satin finish metal, it includes two screws for mounting. Gloss finish also available by request.


Switch Plate & Outlet Cover
Transferring Instructions
These instructions are for transferring images to switch plates
Supplies Needed

• Blank switch plate or outlet cover
• Sublimation ink transfer (and optional heat tape).
• 4 layers – ¼” thick Heat Resistant Felt Pad
• Heat resistant gloves

Switch Plate size Single Switch Double Switch
Heat Press Temperature: 400o F 400o F
Dwell Time: 1 minute 45 seconds 2 minutes 15 seconds
Pressure: Firm Firm

1. Place the Heat Resistant Felt Pad in your heat press. For best results, 4 layers are recommended. You will need to fold our ¼” thick pad over or have 4 pads. You may have a ½” Nomex pad from Geo Knight. This will suffice.
2. Dampen the 4 corners on the backside of your transfer with a lightly moistened sponge.
3. Place your transfer, face-up, on the Heat Resistant Felt Pads.
4. Place the switch plate, face-down, over the transfer. Make sure it is centered on the image. You can tape it in position at this time if you wish.
5. Close the heat press. Using medium/firm pressure, press at 400o F at correct time. Note: Presses vary. You may need more or less time depending on your press.
Open the press. CAREFUL handling the switch plate, it will be very hot. We recommend using heat resistant gloves.

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j rob
Great Product, Great delivery

Great Product, Great delivery