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Sublimation Blank Cat Bowls

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Did you know that Americans own approximately 73 million dogs and 90 million cats? And that 80% of all dog owners, and 63% of all cat owners in the U.S. buy gifts for their pets? Purrrfectly practical pet bowls work for all kinds of critters, and for their owners, too! Sturdy, deep, white ceramic bowls don't tip or spill, making them great serve ware for hearty stews, pasta, or ice cream sundaes. Large bowl is 7" x 2.75" deep. Small bowl is 5" x 1.75" deep. Standard heat presses can't handle bowls, but they can be "pressed" in a regular oven using one of our patent-pending UltraWraps. See UltraWrap™ Heat Wraps for pressing.


Product Information

Dimensions: 1.625" x 5"