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"CLICK HERE" Checkout our CLOSE-OUT Section! Tons of Amazing Products & Low Prices! "CLICK HERE"


Sublimation Blank 12" x 12" Crystal Glass Tile

Original price $14.50 - Original price $14.50
Original price
$14.50 - $14.50
Current price $14.50

Strength and beauty are fired together in these sublimatable glass tiles. Glass tile is resistant to water absorption, chemicals, fading and discoloration. Our beautiful pencil edge, crystal clear glass tiles are ideal for wall mural applications. Features King Coat™ for maximum durability. 12" x 12" Tiles are available either tempered or untempered.


Supplies Needed
• Sublimatable Flat Glass Tiles
• Sublimation Transfers
• Heat Resistant Felt Pads
• Heat Gloves
Step 1: Adjust Heat Press
Heat Press Temperature: 400o F
Dwell Time: 3½ minutes, print side face-down
Pressure: Medium

Note: These instructions, including transfer times and temperatures, are based on the inks, paper, presses, and products we use. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your settings.
Step 2: Design & Print Your Transfer

Note: Do Not Reverse The Image. Design your transfer based on the tile size. Do not reverse the image. It is ok to increase image saturation by an additional 10 – 20 % to increase image brightness on glass. If you are designing a full-bleed image, we recommend that you design the transfer so that it is at least 1/8” larger than the glass size, around each side. This bleed allowance is already built into our templates. Our templates are posted on our website at
Step 3: Transfer the Image

1. Place a Heat Resistant 1/4" thick Felt Pad on your press bed.
2. Place your transfer face-up on the felt pad.
3. Place the award glass print side face-down on the transfer.
4. Using Medium to Firm pressure, press for 3½ minutes at 400o F.
Step 4: Cooling

Using Heat Gloves carefully remove award glass from press and allow to air cool, coating side up. While the award glass is still hot, the coating will be soft and susceptible to scratching. For best results, allow award glass to cool naturally; do not immerse Award Glass in water or put Award Glass in front of a fan! This can cause the glass to crack due to thermal shock.

Transfer Tips & Tricks

 If you notice any loss of color or sharpness after pressing, reduce the time or temperature down. Adjust one variable at a time. If that does not help, call Technical Support for assistance.
 What you see is what you get. If immediately upon opening the press you see the color development to be weak anywhere in the print, close the press immediately for another 30 seconds and check again. Continue until you find the ideal dwell time and pressure for your press.
 Tempered award glass are shatter-resistant. When struck or dropped, they will fracture into small fragments rather than shards. However, broken pieces are still sharp, and should be handled with caution.
 If you notice paper sticking call Technical Support for assistance.

Technical Support

For support on these or any of our products, please call our toll-free number for assistance: 877.795.1500. You may also write to us at

Product Information

Dimensions: 12" x 12"