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Mason Jars

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These wide-mouthed, straight-sided, 16-ounce glass mason jars are perfect as casual drinking glasses, or personalized containers for jams, salsa, pickles, honey, left-overs, candles, sewing notions, and so much more. All feature our renowned King Coat ™ frost coating. Use our popular 11oz Mug UltraWrap™ for an easy top-to-bottom image transfer. Continuous thread metal and Plastisol lids sold separately. Use our MultiCal™ decals to customize the lids. This product is made and coated in the U.S.A.! Mason Jars are not dishwasher-safe, hand-washing is recommended. GOLD LID SOLD SEPERATELY
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Mason Jar Transferring Instructions

Read these instructions completely before you begin.
Supplies Needed
• Coated Mason Jar
• Ultra-Wrap 11-15oz Adjustable Mug Wrap
• Heat Tape
• Convection Oven
• Design Template
• Heat Gloves
Important: Read instructions before use.
Ultra-Wraps have been tested and proven to work successfully for hundreds of consecutive uses per wrap. However, deliberately stretching the wrap beyond its specifications can result in loss of tension or tearing. Likewise, over-heating the wrap or placing it too close to the oven heating coils can weaken the wrap, causing it to burn or tear. To ensure the full life of each Ultra-Wrap:
• Never over-stretch the wrap beyond the simple distance needed to connect the hook to the
support bar.
• Never use a wrap for a product other than the one it is intended.
• Do not bake the Ultra-Wrap at a temperature hotter, or a time longer, than recommended. See
Step 1 for time and temperature recommendations.
• Never place the Ultra-Wrap closer than 4” from the oven heating coils.
Failure to follow these instructions could cause product failure and void any product
Step 1: Adjust Your Oven
Ultra-Wraps are designed for use in regular or convection ovens or industrial conveyor ovens, only.
Do not use in a microwave oven under any circumstances. Preheat oven to Bake at 400o F in convection oven. For best results, oven must be at full temperature prior to using UltraWraps.
Oven Temperature: 400o F in convection oven.
Dwell Time: 5 – 6 minutes
Note: These instructions, including transfer times and temperatures, are based on the inks, paper, ovens and products we use. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your time/temp settings

Step 2: Print your transfer(s) using this method:
A. Open template in Photoshop or Corel.
B. Open image file.
C. Select the area of your image that you want to have on your mason jar. Paste into your template. Print out your image transfer.

Step 3: Tape transfer to mason jar. We suggest leaving a 1-inch gap on each end of the transfer near the handle.
Step 4: Put the Ultra-Wrap on the jar.
Step 5: Hold one end of the wrap against the jar handle. With your other hand, pull the wrap up and around the right side of the jar. Connect the wrap so it locks together.
Step 6: Place the wrapped jar in a preheated oven. Do not place closer than four inches from the heating coils.

Step 7: Bake jars for 5 – 6 minutes.
Step 8: When done, immediately remove wrap and jar from oven. Remove wrap and transfer from jar. Items are hot! Apply a light fan to cool.

Customer Support
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877.795.1500. You may also write to us at

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