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"CLICK HERE" Checkout our CLOSE-OUT Section! Tons of Amazing Products & Low Prices! "CLICK HERE"


Epson 7890 DTF printer Package from LRI - Print Full Color Halftones on Dark Garments

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$5,930.00 - $5,930.00
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Epson 7890 Printer Package


We have been running this Epson 7890 for over two years and have enjoyed amazing success!

Now you can diversify your print shop to include 1 to 500+ custom printing on dark garments!

The profit margins are fantastic! The learning curve is easy! Broaden your client base with textile printing!
We can train you at our facility for free, or we can ship and come to your facility for set-up and training. This is a very sound & profitable investment!
We experience no clogging issues leaving the printer with no use for 3 days!

Call and schedule a free visit to see this printer in action here in Skokie, IL.



At just 24 inches wide, the Epson 7890 24” wide Printer and Flash Cure Dryer fits into any size print shop. We resell STS Inks, made in the USA! You can easily and quickly create custom DTF T-shirts and apparel. This factory refurbished Epson 7890 direct to film printer is a work horse. It easily fits on the floor with convenient rolling stand included for your use.
With a low price point and perfect size, the Epson 7890 printer is the best option for anyone entering the custom apparel marketplace.

Printer Package: 

  • Epson 7890 factory refurbished inkjet Printer . . . Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Dimension: 55L x 29W x 49”H






Cold Peel Inkjet Film - Single Sided Matte Roll – 24.0"  x 325 ft. 



Epson 220ML refillable CART.- Cyan


Epson 220ML refillable CART.- Magenta


Epson 220ML refillable CART.- Yellow


Epson 220ML refillable CART.- Black


Epson 220ML refillable 4- CARTS.- White


Epson 220ML refillable Cart.- Cleaning Solution Slot 4



Cad-Link Factory V-10 RIP Software


DTF-P-1 TPU Powder- Low Temp 225 F - 1 KG


DTF Cleaning Solution 220 ML Bottle + 5 Swab

Chip resetter for ink carts

Chip resetter for waste tank

Complete set of 9 empty cartridges for head cleaning use!



18x24 Inch Flash Dryer for DTF Film curing. Temperature Control Box 2000W
with Adjustable Height Stand. Sold S


  • Curing under this flash cure unit in as little as 1 minute time!
  • It is ok to over cure your transfer for several minutes without injury to the transfer.
  • Large Drying Area: The effective heating area of the dryer reaches 18" x 24".
    The heating tubes are wrapped by a stainless-steel wire mesh that has higher thermal efficiency, especially more practical for large areas that need to be dried.
  • Accurate Thermostat & Sensor: Underneath the flash dryer is an accurate temperature controller and sensitive sensor. It can be used to adjust temperature from 0 to 188℉.
    It will automatically stop heating once reaching the set temperature.
  • Adjustable Height: By adjusting the height adjustment knob, you can adjust the corresponding height as required. And the range of adjustment is from 31.5"- 47.2", which can meet users of all heights.
  • Solid X-Shaped Base: The base of the 18x24” flash dryer adopts the X-shaped design, which saves the space area and makes the flash dryer more stable.


  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Dimension: 36 L x 20 W x 31.5 – 47.2” H

Transfer pressing instructions: Temperature range 285-315 deg. F. for 10 seconds, depending on material.


The reason we include a separate set of cartridges is in the event you know you are not going to use
the printer for over one time. It’s a solid solution to keep the ink from drying in the print head to
flush out the inks and replace with cleaning fluid. This procedure is quick and does not waste a lot of ink.


The Powdering Station that applies the adhering powder to the wet ink film can be simple constructed

one of two ways. We will show you how to do this during training.





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