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"CLICK HERE" Checkout our CLOSE-OUT Section! Tons of Amazing Products & Low Prices! "CLICK HERE"


Sublimation Blank NEW White Butane Torch Piezo Ignition Lighter

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$8.95 - $8.95
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  • Genuine Butane torch piezo ignition Lighter

    Especially for the Cigar aficionado!

    Excellent for lighting Cigars!
  • Windproof lighter with distinctive "click".
  • Windproof design works virtually anywhere. Adjustable flame height.
  • Refillable for a lifetime of use; We recommend premium Butane.
  • Size: 1-1/2 x 2-1/4 x ½”
  • Coated in USA


 Genuine Butane torch insert; Push-button piezo ignition Lighter
• Adjustable blue flame height; Heats up to 2,300°F/1,260°C
• Refillable with any Butane fuel; 0.9 gram fuel capacity
• Fits in our sublimatable white metal flip lighter case
• Fuel: butane fluid (sold separately)


Butane fueled Lighters – white
Transferring Instructions
Supplies Needed
• White lighter, one side or two side printable.
• Sublimation transfer
• Thermal rubber mat 1/16” thick
• Spray Adhesive or Heat resistant tape
• heat-resistant gloves
We ship the lighters to you unassembled for a reason. Do not insert lighter mechanism into the lighter case until after you decorate the case. Decorate the case empty!
Step 1: Adjust Heat Press

Heat Press Temperature: 400o F
Dwell Time: 2:00 – 2:15 minutes
Pressure: Medium

Note: These instructions, including transfer times and temperatures, are based on the inks, paper, presses, and products we use. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your time/temp settings.
Step 2: Design Your Transfer
You can download templates from Using our templates is essential for properly lining up the transfer to the lighter. Print your transfer in the usual manner, making sure to mirror your image. Make sure to print the coated side of the lighter when one side coated only.

Step 3: Transfer the Image
1. Place your image transfer face-up on the table.
2. Place the Lighter face-down on the transfer. Make sure it is correctly registered on all four sides.
3. Tape into position using heat tape. Alternatively, you may use a light coating of spray adhesive rather than heat tape. This works better when you have a full-bleed image.
4. Cover the Lighter with the thermal mat.
5. Close the heat press. Using Medium/Firm pressure, press at 400o F for 2:00 - 2:15 minutes.
6. Open the press, and peel away the transfer. CAREFUL handling the Lighter, it will be very hot. We recommend using heat resistant gloves.
7. When printing both sides, go though all these steps a second time after first side has cooled down.
Transfer Tips, Techniques & Troubleshooting
1. Repositionable Adhesive spray is recommended over taping so you don’t show uneven color transferring where the tape pulls down the edge of the transfer when you have a full bleed image.
2. Prints light in places:
a. You may not be using enough pressure, or you may have a “cold” or worn spot in your press. Try increasing pressure and/or moving the object over slightly. Do not use felt pads under the lighter. You want firm pressure. Don’t use a clam-shell style heat press. Use a swing-away style.
3. The outside edges print light:
a. Make sure you have placed the lighter face-up in the center of the press.
b. Make sure your thermal rubber is not wearing thin in areas due to over use.
c. Do not use too much pressure or you will bend the metal case!
4. I recommend placing the hot lighter on a clean piece of paper to keep the non-print side of the lighter clean while cooling.
5. Call us for free small pieces of thermal rubber to send with your order! 😊
6. Call us to purchase a spray can of repositionable adhesive. We have the best!

Customer Support
For support on these or any of our products, please call our toll-free number for assistance: 877.795.1500. You may also write to us at

Product Information

Dimensions: 1.5"L x 0.5"W x 2.25"Th

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