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"CLICK HERE" Checkout our CLOSE-OUT Section! Tons of Amazing Products & Low Prices! "CLICK HERE"


4.25 x 4.25 Standard Wood Box

Original price $1.39 - Original price $9.00
Original price
$1.39 - $9.00
Current price $9.00

These fine quality, solid wood boxes are so affordable! Featuring: Lined in ivory velvet, mahogany satin finish outside, spring-loaded, hidden hinge lid, felt feet on bottom to protect furniture. Designed to fit U.S. or spacerless tiles (sold separately). Comes complete with well-made white gift box.

Select an option:: Sublimation Blank 4.25 x 4.25 Standard Wood Tile Box

Ceramic Tiles

Transferring Instructions¬
Supplies Needed
• Sublimatable Ceramic Tiles
• Sublimation Transfer
• Heat Resistant Felt Pads
• Heat Resistant Gloves
• 1” square pieces of thermal rubber mat (optional)
• Cover sheet- teflon or thin paper

p 1: Adjust Heat Press

Heat Press Temperature: 400o F
Dwell Time: Varies (see attached Chart)
Pressure: Medium

Note: Ask us for free 1” squares of thermal rubber. We will send it with your order. 😊
These instructions, including transfer times and temperatures, are based on the inks, paper, presses, and products we use. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your time/temp settings.
Step 2: Design & Print Your Transfer

Design your transfer based on the tile size. If you are designing a full-bleed image, we recommend designing the transfer so that it is at least 1/8” larger than each tile, all the way around.
Step 3: Transfer the Image

1. Place the Heat Resistant Felt Pads on heat press platen. For best results, we recommend at least two layers of Heat Resistant Felt Pad (use two pads or fold one felt pad over).
2. Place transfer on felt pads, face-up.
3. Place tile face-down on the transfer. You will be heating through the back of the tile
4. For 4-1/4” and 6” tile size, place a 1” square of thermal rubber in the center square of the tile to bring heat to this area.
5. Close the heat press. Refer to the attached Chart for time and pressure. The pressure is very important. Too little pressure will result in unprinted tile edges.
6. Tips & Troubleshooting
• Measure your tile before you design your transfer. Tile sizes are standard to the construction industry, not the printing industry. They vary by manufacturer, and listed sizes are only approximate. For example, there are three different variations of 6”x8” tile available, and each one is a slightly different size.
• Pressing 4-1/4 or 6” Dal tile without the thermal mat piece in the center- you can overcome pressing without a thermal mat in the center by simply adding 45 more seconds to your pressing time.
• If you are designing a full bleed image your printed area should be at least 2/10” larger than the tile. If your tile is 6x6”, your printed transfer should be 6.2”x6.2”, etc. If your image is not a full bleed, print registration marks slightly larger than the size of the tile.
• The tile should be centered under the main pressure point of your heat press platen.
• When pressing multiple tiles at once, we recommend leaving at least 1” space between each tile. You should also add an additional 30 seconds to your dwell time for multiple tiles.
• When gluing these tiles into wood or metal frames we recommend 100% silicone aquarium sealant.
• Tile Sheets: The plastic mesh on the back of tile sheets is designed for the construction industry, not the dye-sub industry. It may melt on the heat press. If you wish to leave the sheet intact, we recommend: 1) press through the front of the sheet using our thermal rubber mat over the transfer paper, and 2) allow the sheet to cool completely before removing it from the press bed. Use a Teflon sheet over the tile.
Customer Support

For support on these or any of our products, please call our toll-free number for assistance: 877.795.1500. You may also write to us at

Time/Temperature Chart
Ceramic Tiles
Note: Following are estimates only; actual times may vary!

Tile Size Ceramic tiles
2 x 2” 4 min Press up using thermal mat
3” x 6” 5 min
4” x 4” 6 min Use thermal rubber squares
6” x 6”
6 x 8” 6.5 min
8” x 8” 8 min
12” x 12” 9 min

Tip: when pressing full bleed images, we find it best to cut out each transfer into singles so as the tile will press fully along the edges of the tile. This is a critical problem/solution. Thank you.

Product Information

Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 2.75"h
Depth- 1-1/2"inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tile boxes

These are great! I have some 4x4 ceramic tiles that fit in the top perfectly! Will be ordering more! Great bargain!

Janet Folkman
Excellent product

I've seen other similar boxes but these far suprass anything. The lined inside, craftsmanship and even the box they come in makes this an incredible bargain!

Dania Batt
Absolutely Beautiful

My customers love these boxes and they make a beautiful presentation. Thank you Laser Reproductions for timely and careful shipping!

Blairs Trophy & Sporting Goods Blair
Award Boxes

We love these boxes. The quality is great for the price. Whether your using a tile, hardwood or metal for the top of the box it looks great. Our customers love to receive this classy award.

richard martin
Great quality

Great quality and very fast turn around from ordering to delivery. I was so satisfied that I just ordered 17 more.