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Extra Mechanism and Hands for 6" Tile Clock

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Extra Clock Mechanism for Tile Desk Clock


Assemble and Install Clock Mechanism Instructions

1. Place the rubber washer on shaft of mechanism.
2. Insert clock device through the back of the clock.
3. Place the gold washer over shaft of the mechanism.
4. Screw on large gold nut.
5. Remove any protective film from the clock hands.
6. Press the hour hand in place on top of the shaft. Note: This is sometimes a tight fit, and may take some practice.
7. Press the minute hand in place on top of the shaft. Note: The minute hand fits onto the thinner round part of the shaft.
8. Press the sweep hand to the top of the shaft.
9. Adjust each hand so that they are all straight (parallel) to the clock face.
10. Insert battery as required. (Batteries not included)
For additional information or help feel free to call: 877-795-1500

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