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16" Vintage Clock

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$3.50 - $14.95
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16" lightweight plastic black clock frame features a decorative molding with a classic look. A great option for displaying a favorite image in any room or workplace. Round aluminum sublimatable 12.5" insert provides quick and easy printing with vibrant color results. Detailed assembly instructions available.

Select an option:: Sublimation Blank 16" Vintage Clock

Vintage Clock Assembly:
The mechanism assembly instructions will be a better resource for setting up the mechanism itself, but this is to explain how to put the rest of the clock together:
1- After printing the clock face, use a silicon based adhesive (available at any hardware store) to glue the face into the housing. Don’t use too much, or it will leak out around the edges and look unsightly. Take special note where the top and bottom of the clock are and glue it in straight.

2- Once it’s dry enough to flip over (15-30 minutes) flip it and find the part on the back for placing the mechanism. Follow the instructions for assembling the mechanism for more information about what order each part goes in.

3: Pop the glass on top of the inner ring on the front, then place the black plastic ring over it. There should be 8 screw holes on the back (and screws) which will attach the plastic front piece and keep the glass piece in place as well.

Hopefully this is a helpful guide.

Product Information

Dimensions: 16" Round