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"CLICK HERE" Checkout our CLOSE-OUT Section! Tons of Amazing Products & Low Prices! "CLICK HERE"


Dye Sublimation Is All About the Coating

Dye Sublimation Is All About the Coating

The old adage has always been if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Well dye sublimation is much as a science as it is an art form.
Beautiful images, original artwork and the diversity of design spanning the interests of an entire world is at the hands of every dye sublimation printer.
Sublimation printing is all about the coating. LRI proprietary coating formulas offer the brightest images and most durable coatings.
That is why thousands of customers go to LRI for the best in sublimation blanks.

What separates each sublimation printer from the pack is the end result of the hard work and effort of their printed materials.
From light switch covers to tiles, wood signs to metal signs, puzzles, bottles and coffee mugs and hundreds of additional products.

When we at LRI first began our small business back in 1991 it was founded on the principles of quality, customer service and support and the originality of product. As a pioneer in providing short-run transfers to the apparel industry. Laser Reproductions, Inc started its career and never looked back when it came to creating original products
not offered by others.

As time progressed LRI (Laser Reproductions, Inc.) saw the opportunity of offering even more original dye sublimation blanks.
Then to top it off came their revolutionary coatings that changed the face of the dye sublimation industry forever.

LRI has achieved what no other company has done. LRI has been successfully achieving consistent growth since 1991.
Quality, Price and Customer Service are the essence of why LRI customers return so frequently with their sublimation blank orders.
Remember . . . The coatings make the difference!

Check out LRI’s website at for information.

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