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Blank Dye Sublimation Mugs

Your mug your way on a blank dye sublimation mug is perfect for your dye sublimation printing needs.

Laser Reproductions, INC (LRI) has been a leading supplier of blank dye sublimation blank mugs for decades.

Offered in a variety of sizes from 11 ounce to 15 ounce sizes with single panel and full wrap characteristics you can have an easy time printing on these quality mugs. Colored handles, black two-toned mugs, black/white panel mugs, red and green two-toned mugs, and a variety of special coffee oriented shapes to include espresso and latte designs to a more traditional 15 ounce white ceramic coffee mug good for any occasion.

With offices and warehouse centrally located in Illinois we ship all over the United States with a quick and customer oriented attitude of great quality, terrific service and strong desire to above and beyond for our customers. 30,000 feet of warehouse with dye sublimation blanks ready to ship right away we can quickly respond to orders both large and small.

As a leading dye sublimation blank company, Laster Reproductions, Inc has been providing high quality blanks at very affordable prices since 1991. We are excited to learn more about your dye sublimation blank needs. Please call us at 847-677-8333 or visit us on the web at Laser Reproductions, Inc.


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